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Laser Dentistry

Q: What is Laser Dentistry with Waterlase®?
A: Waterlase® Dentistry is an exciting development in the field of laser dentistry that allows us to perform many dental procedures with fewer shots and less anesthesia.

Q: How does the laser work?
A: The laser removes cavities and treats soft tissue problems with the energy of light. The specialized light produced by the laser is selectively absorbed by the cavity or soft tissue. In the case of treating a cavity, the laser gently removes decay, leaving more of the healthy tooth intact.

Q: Is treatment with a laser safe?
A: Absolutely, the treatment has proven to be appropriate and safe in over tens of thousands of applications throughout the world. Waterlase® permits us to treat dental problems with remarkable precision.

The laser is ideal for both adults and children.

Q: What other benefits are there to treatment with a dental laser?
A: For many patients, the thought of fewer shots and less noise from the dental handpiece brings tremendous piece-of-mind and relaxation while in our office.


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